Views of the High Street

Over the first two weekends in September local artists created their own Views of the High Street across Kettering town centre thanks to support from Historic England and North Northants Council.

I was working in oils and other artists were using a range of media including watercolours, graffiti art, ceramics, digital and interactive art for children and adults alike. This project was part of the High Street Heritage Action Zone to celebrate the architecture, people and heritage of Kettering.

You’ll be able to see my work ‘Gold Street’ in a special exhibition in the town later this year.



My oil painting ‘Allegory’ for the Wicksteed Contemporary Art Exhibition is an allegory of the changing fortunes of the park, using the ebb and flow of light and shadow. The carousel and female figure are a symbolic narrative: not solely rides, attractions and visitors — she’s a harbinger of the destiny of the park, walking away from or towards difficult or optimistic times, which can go either way. Her direct and penetrating gaze challenges us to choose innovation and evolution as the way ahead.


Delighted that Waddenhoe and The Water Carriers have been accepted for the Rugby Art Gallery Open 2020.   Due to Covid restrictions the Gallery won’t be opening on 11  December but the exhibition will be online and on social media and they plan to reopen the Gallery to the public once the tier system has loosened.


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